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No toys included


Example: Want the accessories a certain way, no prob.

Example: no back pack.

Example: Want the weapons rearranged. 

Example: Square or Circle Shaped Base 

Example: You want it etched with something extra, no problem.

Example: Got a request for a figurefor us to make base or base set for, no problem.

Its a simple base for the feet to help the figure stand.

Acrylic Base Set 
MEANING: Base Sets are display stands for the figure and it's accessories, 
designed and made to the thousands of an inch for a perfect fit.

We use High end acrilyte Acrylic 1/4 Thick and beautifully polished.

This really helps the figure stand and gives the figure support.

There is a Blue or White Film on the acrylic Base, you peel off. 
It's to protect the acrylic. --------- Blue Film---- 


Show off your Figure in style This is the way.

No returns

All sales are final

25% restocking fee

Darth Vader Base Set