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Return Policy:

No returns excepted.

 If an acrylic base / base set is damaged, We will send out a replacement of the  acrylic base / base set that was damaged. 

No cost to the customer.

Toys / Comic (Raw or Graded):
Each Item will have ins. If an item is damaged.

It is the buyers responsablility to file a claim with the shipping provider. 

No Return / No refunds.

Privacy Policy:

Here at This Is The Way Store, All of our members information are completely private and will stay confidental.

The information garthered in This Is The Way Toys & Comics will not be sold to any 3rd party or any data collection center or data Organization.  

Any Information obtained will not be sold to a 3rd party or otherwise.
your customer information is Private and confidental.
Safeguarding this information is a vital part of customer assurance and trust here at This Is The Way Store. 
The safety of our guests and team members is a top priority. cybersecurity team is made up of hundreds of experts located in our 24/7 Cyber Fusion Center that leverage cutting-edge cyber tools, extensive team member training.

As well as collaboration with law enforcement to prevent and mitigate potential threats.

Wix has a multiple layer security architecture to help protect against 0-day security issues.

Firewalls and intrusion prevention systems are in place to prevent unauthorized access.

Our goal at This Is The Way Toys & Comics is to create a
family friendly site where common respect and courtesy is manifested and nurtered. Where collectors of all collecting genre and have fun and be a safe place.

Any posts on the Forum will be monitered, and valuated for civil and respectfull conversation.  

NO bullying, disrespect, or foul language will not be tolerated. 

This is the way

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